Depot Theatre,
142 Addison Road Marrickville

- 28. April 2018



Immortality has a price tag

by Jodi Rose

Direction & Design: Colleen Cook

Lighting Design: Martin Kinnane

with: Gertraud Ingeborg

Some feedback and comments from audience members:

We absolutely loved the play, congratulations to you as writer (fabulous dialog)  and also to Gertraud – what a star!  Very professionally put together and presented.


Just wanted to let you know that I loved the Sylph again - Congratulations - what an achievement!

I went to Sylph last night and loved it as did my friends. It was so beautifully written and acted it was a delightful evening of theatre.

It was an awesome the play, we all love it. 

Thanks to an amazing actress Gertraud and a very talented writer Jodi.

Gertrude is a great actress. Her acting made me draw in the stage.  Felt like being in her room when listening to her story.  As Gertrude used the space effectively corner to corner so we could imagine her house too, very clever.  The story was very interesting and very touching.

Dear Depot, please convey my congratulations on this play to everyone involved. It was beautifully written, acted and presented, history brought to life. And the fact that all this comes from one (remarkable ) actress is extraordinary. Thank you so much!

Congratulations on a stunning performance.

Such a beautifully structured show. Such a fascinating character. So perfect for you and your skill set.

It was such a treat to sit back and immerse myself in the story. It struck me that you are such a natural, relaxed performer. Very charismatic. The character had such charm and both pathos and humour.