Newtown Theatre
Crn King & Bray Streets, St Peters

10 - 23 December 2010
Previews 8 & 9 Dec
Tue-Sat 8pm
Sun 5pm

Tickets Full $ 28, Conc $ 22, 
Previews and cheap Tuesdays $ 15

02 8019 0294


Oscar and the Lady in Pink - by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt. With Gertraud Ingeborg, directed by David Ritchie at the Newtown Theatre 8 - 23 December. Co-produced with Teatro Cortile Theater im Hof Bolzano/Bozen Italy, a new production of the 2007 show Oskar und die Dame in Rosa. Bookings 8019 0294 or www.newtowntheatre.com.au

Oscar and the Lady in Pink is based on the recent bestselling French novel by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt, translated by Stephane Laporte.  It has been playing throughout Europe to packed houses for the last few years. To read more about the author click ERIC-EMMANUEL SCHMITT.pdf.

It is based around a series of letters to God, written from hospital by a ten-year old boy, Oscar, suffering from serious illness. In addition, he has a troubled relationship with his parents, and with senior medical staff. They are not able to handle his condition emotionally and imaginatively or with sensitivity.

The letters are written at the suggestion of ‘Mama-Rose’ one of the ‘ladies in pink’ who visit sick children in the hospital. A deep, tender and humorous relationship develops between Oscar and Mama-Rose: she’s tough-minded, inventive and resourceful. She tells Oscar wonderful stories which give him the courage to face his predicament, and to live fully in each moment. She also facilitates a reconciliation between Oscar and his parents through humour, character and tact. This even goes so far as to include the Dr. Dusseldorf, the doctor in charge.

A deeply engaging story which even includes romance, will entertain you, make you cry and make you laugh. It will also lead you an understanding of a situation which most of us find difficult to confront.

Oscar and the Lady in Pink is not to be missed. By people of all ages, all professions and all circumstances.

Gertraud Ingeborg has played the role of Mama Rose with great success in Bolzano, Italy and toured the Northern region of Italy in 2006 resp. 2007.

Season Details:

Venue:  Newtown Theatre, Cnr. King & Bray Street, St Peters

Dates:   10 – 23 Dec, Previews: 8 & 9 Dec

Time:    Tue – Sat at 8pm, Sun at 5pm

Tickets: Full $ 28, Concession $ 22, Cheap Tuesdays $15

Bookings: 8019 0294 or www.newtowntheatre.com.au   


Review from the Sydney Morning Herald, 14 Dec. 2010:

And here are some comments from the audience:

I just wanted to write a quick note to thank you once again for your wonderful performance in Oscar and the Lady in Pink.  You captivated the audience whilst effortlessly and gracefully changing character many times and traveling 120 years in as many minutes.  The full life that Oscar was encouraged to live was a testimony to love and family.  What it means to be brave enough to love and to express it.  That is the gift we all have to share in our lifetime.  Mama Rose is a blessing to us all and Oscar's articulate expression of a life well-lived was a joy to behold. Thank you.


Thank you again for a memorable & beautiful piece of theatre last night.

Your gentle but energetic evocation of the characters was wonderful to


It leaves me reflecting on so many of the big questions we face as humans

about what we do with our lives, what it means to live a good life & how we

should be in the face of great challenges, especially one of our greatest

challenges, death.


I was rapt!  Such a moving, beautiful story, so well written, or

should I say translated, a must for everyone!  How do you get those

'bums on seats'?  Your performance was stunning - I was moved to

tears and laughter.  Oscar is such a character and Mamma Rose such an

inspiring lady.

Thank you for bringing this to me.


I really appreciated the play and your wonderful performance last night.

It took me a while to integrate the experience and then articulate it after the performance because one goes to more of a “being” state at the time, being with the characters and feeling their state.  So I was probably a little quiet afterwards and didn’t have much to say.

I reflected on the many life, death, love, trust and time issues later last night and this morning and was deeply touched by the play.

Thanks again