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Over 30 years of

independent theatre

Harlos Productions has brought outstanding new European plays to Australian audiences:

  1. Edward Bond’s THE FOOL (1983 Bondi Pavilion)

  2. Tom Stoppard’s DOG’S HAMLET (1983 Bondi Pavilion)

  3. COHOOT’S MACBETH (1983 Bondi Pavilion)

  4. Franz Xaver Krötz’s STALLERHOF (1989 Belvoir St Downstairs);

  5. Heiner Müller’s QUARTET (1990 Adelaide Festival & Seymour Center); 

  6. Felix Mitterer’s VISITING HOURS (1991 Belvoir St Downstairs);

  7. Thomas Baum's COLD HANDS (1993 Light House Theatre);

  8. Felix Mitterer's SIBERIA(1994 Lookout Theatre,  nominated for the Sydney Critic's Circle Award);

  9. Peter Turrini's SHAKESPEARE IN THE SEX SHOP (1995 Belvoir St Downstairs);

  10. a revival of Heiner Müller's QUARTET (1995/96 Lookout & Belvoir St Downstairs);

  11. Heinz Rudolf Unger's A HIDING PLACE IN THE TWENTIETH CENTURY (1996); 

  12. Esther Villar's ISOLDE AND TRISTAN (1997)

  13. Michaela Ronzoni’s BEVERLY HILLS 1943 (1998, all at the Lookout Theatre).

The excellent reviews and audience responses to these productions have continued as the company’s principal members, Gertraud Ingeborg and David Ritchie, have been involved in innovative and contemporary Shakespearean productions. Their reputation for clarity, thorough research and respect for the text, as well as theatrical audacity are reflected in the critical and popular acclaim earned by:

  1. KING LEAR (1994, directed by David Ritchie)

  2. HAMLET (1998, directed by David Ritchie)

  3. Harlos has co-produced OTHELLO & KING LEAR (2000/01)

  4. Produced KING LEAR (2002 Bondi Paviliion)

  5. HAMLET (2003 Bondi Pavilion)

  6. ROSENCRANTZ and GUILDENSTERN ARE DEAD (2003 Bondi Pavilion) 

The company and its principals have also been involved in developing and staging new Australian works:

  1. PUNCH & JUDY by Frank Gauntlett

  2. PANDORA’S GARDEN by Cameron Sharp

  3. THE DOG LOGS by Christopher Johnson

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